SCHEDULE (god willin')
doors :- 7pm 
George Borowski and Mora :- 7:45 to 8:30
Supper :- 8:30 to 9:00 
Captain of the Lost Waves :- 9:00- 9:45
9:45 Raffle Claim
 The book is now closed for party tickets. However I do know of one two who wish to off load theirs. Come direct to me on 07818 884 324 if you want a ticket. There will be no waiting list as such.
Everybody loves a good Christmas party and Bluefunk's is always a belter. It is possibly the most anticipated Gig on the calendar and has a habit of selling out at a sprint.
I try and do something different and a little bit quirky to make the evening as interesting as possible.
Don't try and find any proper blues on this bill, just unbelievable quality and some of the finest Americana to be found anywhere on the planet.
It is put together to entertain and if you are not blown away by the diversity of quality performers I'm afraid you may need to check your pulse you might have died recently.
As ever a light supper is included and the famous daft raffle will feature.
It is probably best described as a cross between a tombola and a Secret Santa.
YOU supply the prizes, gift wrapped so the contents are anonymous. We randomly number them, so when you buy a raffle ticket the prize is preordained and you get what you are given when you match the corresponding ticket (It is therefore possible to win back your own prize {:-)) 
Points on Prizes
1. Remember to gift wrap it. Just to make it anonymous. Newspaper, cardboad box, cereal carton, recycled birthday wrap, anything qualifies the dafter the better.
2. The prize. - something silly, something inappropriate, something you'd want, something you don't want. Remember who it is for and that it could be you!!
3. Have a bit of fun
With much regret BWP have had to withdraw from Christmas Party 2019.
The reason was unforeseen and extremely unfortunate as Tony Poole has fallen ill and is housebound for the foreseeable future. He sends his apologies and regrets that he will not be able to perform for Bluefunk this time. However he (and I) promise they will be back at the earliest opportunity.
Meanwhile, over the hill came the Cavalry..............
In my description of BWP I had described the three constituent members as bringing with them impressive individual reputations. Danny and the Champions of the World is in huge part responsible for the reputation of Danny Wilson.
All three of BWP were mortified to be letting us down and when I asked if Danny could help us out by mustering the Champs he leapt into action and in 12 hours came back with a thumbs up.
I remain very sad for Tony and send him all our good wishes for a speedy recovery but I am overjoyed that we have the world class Champs as a replacement.
To try and paint a picture of what just happened in blues terms : Albert King just pulled out and BB King just stepped in.
Both bands reside amongst the absolute cream of UK Americana and Danny is acknowledged as a pre-eminent songwriter in his world. In consequence it was no surprise when Danny and the Champs took the award for best album at the UK Americana awards this year, with Brilliant Light.
Danny hangs about with some prime movers in our world as well, having co-written and produced an album for Bluefunk favourite Ian Siegal. To me, knowing the songwriting and song selection skills of Ian, that is about as great an accolade that you can get.
Clouds and silver linings spring to mind.
The Captain of the Lost Waves
Oh Captain my Captain. I totally adore this man. Extraordinary, dedicated, eccentric, unbelievably energetic, quick witted, intelligent, multi-talented, creative, the imagination of a child genius and such a beautiful songwriter/storyteller it beggars belief.
First came to see us at the Little Big Weekend last year and stopped us all in our tracks. He returned to our sister folk club early this summer, and stunned them.
(I doubt they have recovered yet) 
The Christmas Party is an ideal excuse  to bring him back but I fear we don't have enough time to get enough of the glorious Captain.
George and Mora
Completing a stunning bill for PARTY 2019 are the legendary Guitar George and the incredible vocal abilities of his daughter Mora. One of the greatest unsung songwriting heroes in British popular music, it is always a joy to see Dad basking in the glow of the talent he has passed on to the wonderful Mora.  Sublime stuff.
It is fitting and apposite for them to be included as it was indeed George who first introduced the other two acts to me for which I am eternally grateful.

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