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You can join our mailing list (GDPR compliant) if you like, using the forms below and we will give you a heads up on all of the Bluefunk gigs and Club news as it comes in.

You can also book tickets for any event merely by requesting the number you require and the event details and we will get back to you asap to confirm. (full booking T&Cs below)

To book tickets DIRECT TO CLUB you need to be on the mailing list in order for us to keep you informed of any changes in detail of your event that sometimes occur. So, if you wish to book tickets for one of our shows first subscribe to the mailing list on the form below then scroll further down FOR THE EMAIL ADDRESS and book your show. You may use the address for any other enquiries you may have. Anybody may unsubscribe at any time by using the unsubscribe button on all newsletters.

Your details are safe with us, we will never disclose or pass them on to anybody else. WE DON'T USE COOKIES (data gathering tools)

Until further notice please send any communications and ticket orders to : Ticket orders should have your full name, event name or artist, and number of tickets required. Your order will be confirmed by email within 48 hours. Don't forget you need to be on the mailing list to use this 'Direct -to- Club method.


1. To use this ‘direct to club’ booking system it is a requirement for you to be on the Bluefunk Mailing List, for any updates and information re your booking that you may need to know. Subscribe above.


2. We do things a bit differently at Bluefunk. When you order tickets for one of our gigs that’s all you have to do, order them. The tickets are reserved in your name for collection at the door. 

3. No money changes hands prior to that, everything is done on trust. You trust me to save the tickets and I trust you to turn up.
This way we can keep costs down, no booking or transaction fees are payable, ergo whatever is the ticket price is the ticket cost. 

4. You may cancel your booking without prejudice up to 5 days before the event date unless the event has been previously called ‘Sold Out’. Tickets will from this point be withdrawn from sale and your reservation becomes an obligation.  


5. Cancelled reservation(s) from this point will be placed in a pool and we will do our best to place them with someone from a waiting list which normally accrues after such a call is made. 

6. This is done on a first in first out basis. So cancellations made on the morning of a gig are less likely to be placed elsewhere. In the event of us being unable to place your order elsewhere I trust you to either lay off the booking yourself or remit the cost to us. 


7. Whilst you remain on the mailing list you will only receive information about Club related activity and some quirky musings from me. We do not use cookies or any other biscuits.

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