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GUY TORTORA_edited.jpg

When : Sunday July 7th 2024

Doors : 7pm  Showtime 8pm

Where : THE CLUB @ 142 

Ticket : £15 booked  £17 door

 book here : (direct to club)

 book here : (agent +bkg fee)

Born & raised in Pasadena, California, Guy Tortora is currently based in London, in the UK. Having soaked up the music of the 60s and 70s in a place that had the lion's share of the good stuff, he made the world his oyster and struck out all over the globe to complete his musical education and then give it back. 
He leaves in his wake a golden reputation for versatility and musical mastery both as a songwriter of note and a performer of excellence for which he draws on a bottomless pit of Americana delivered with his unique fingerstyle guitar playing on an armoury of acoustic, electric and steel bodied resonator guitars. 
   Guy is a refreshing change from the majority of what fills the current tidal wave of overly harsh blues rock. Whilst he can rock with the baddest of them he brings a lighter touch within his arsenal which is much harder to find.
Available to see solo, as a duo, trio, but on this occasion with his full band.
He has a solid following throughout Europe and the States and also at Bluefunk. 
Whilst this is his debut for us, I have sought him out after many requests to do so from Bluefunksters.  He qualifies therefore undoubtedly as a -
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