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when :Sunday June 23rd 2024
doors :7pm  showtime :8pm
venue :Club @ 142 

ticket :£20 booked  £24 door 
book here : (direct to club)
book here : (agent+bkg fee)
chris bevington.jpg
I am writing the billing for this show feeling more and more excited at the very thought of either of these outfits playing at Bluefunk.  To have both working together for your pleasure feels like an indulgence too far and I wonder if one could actually overdose on this amount of quality in one sitting.

Chris is an old and valued friend who has visited us with several incarnations/variations of his marvellous Big Band (8 to 10 piece) but it has been too long since his last return.
I have eagerly followed its development since being told, by a particular collaborator, of its existence and how impressed he was with its progress.
That was of course Jim Kirkpatrick. Now Jim is not daft, he knows me well enough to realise if he tells me of something he thinks is good he knows I will want it.
I too am not daft -  he is never wrong.
What started as basically a 'vanity project' instigated by Chris for a few high class players to have a bit of fun recording some favourite tunes, (covers) ran out of control, in a good way.

4 highly regarded and award winning original albums later The Chris Bevington Organisation were firm favourites at Bluefunk and we could not get enough of them.
Then covid happened and the hiatus it brought was temporarily injurious to Chris.
He lost his world class song-writing frontmen (Jim K and Scottie) and others, to other projects. A period of arduous rebuilding then took place with continuous recruitment and much reflection, all the more difficult if you knew the level of talent this band originally contained. I never doubted Chris would succeed. If you know Chris you know why. Who wouldn't want to be a part of this wonderful persons band?  Any talented young player would discover an academy to develop them into a complete performer, and more established respected musos would be right there amongst the best of their peers.

Chris has refused all my inducements to come back to Bluefunk for ages, until he became totally happy with his new family. The fact that he is  finally returning tells me a lot. Essentially that this band is worth seeing. The bonus attached to this event is the teaming with THE BIG WOLF BAND.
big wolf band.webp
These guys have been on my to-do list since I had the pleasure of seeing them at Congleton Jazz & Blues (highly recommended local Festival, Aug bank holiday).  They suitably impressed me so when the opportunity arose to pair them with CBO for this show it was a well received gift, too good to pass up.
Since I saw them, many Bluefunksters have also had that pleasure and, never shy with recommendations, have pressed them my way.  I am pleased to oblige and believe this outfit qualify as a "Punter's Choice"

With such a quantity of spectacular quality Rhythm and Blues and nose-bleeding 
Blues Rock You will need to be Match-fit for this one. I recommend you go into training immediately.  None of that jogging bollocks, just make sure you are at all the other Bluefunk shows before this one.

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