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BGG R&G live.jpg
when : 21 July 2024
doors : 7pm  showtime : 8pm
where : Club @ 142 (WMC)
ticket : £18 booked £20 door

book here : direct to club
book here : agent + bkg fee
Robin Davey and Greta Valenti could never be described as being short of ideas. We have been enjoying Robin for decades. Straight out of school he and his brother Jesse and some friends became the Hoax. Their energy, originality and freshness, catapulted them through the 90s and to the top of the European Blues tree and even helped them leave a significant footprint in the USA. Then as suddenly as they had arrived, at the end of the decade, they were gone, leaving us all stunned and desperate for more.
Robin moved to California and became an accomplished and award-winning filmmaker. His very first effort, 'The Canary Effect', won a Stanley Kubrick Award.

Then Robin met his Muse - The mercurial Greta Valenti.   They formed Well Hung Heart, the fantastic punk-blues outfit for whom Bluefunk had the privilege of hosting 2 gigs at Cabin 5150 in Macclesfield. Unforgettable.
They formed their own production company, Growvision. Together they produced for television the superb music series Darryl's House (Darryl Hall). If you ever find yourself with a spare day then hit up the show's Youtube channel or just take it in bite-sized chunks - it will reward you. 
Whilst producing videos and music for many other bands they toured WHH across America and Europe.
On one such tour in 2017, whilst driving between shows Robin discovered something about his wife Greta he had not previously known. They had met in California and lived in California but Greta was raised in Louisiana. What he didn't know was that she was steeped in the music and culture of the 'Big Easy' and on that journey, to pass the time Greta sang her way through half of the songbook that could be described as the soundtrack to New Orleans. 
Never one to let the grass grow, Robin instantly formed an idea for a new band based on that style with some grungy harder-edged influences attached. 
He got in touch with me with this idea for some feedback and I instantly said "I want it and you can headline our Christmas Party". "Oh", he responded, I had better find a band."
He did. Beaux Gris Gris and The Apocalypse came, oozing potential and excitement. The BGG seeds were sown. An excellent album, Love and Murder, followed quickly.
Their star has been in the ascendancy ever since with a constant clamour for tours.
The last time they came was on the tail of a brilliant sophomore album release, Good Times End Times. In a year of almost frantic post pandemic releases of quality CDs -  What a piece of work! Superb.
Because of an overdose of talent and their unbelievable work ethic, these guys are bound for huge success.
If you want to know why these guys have a production company then watch the video below. Every inch of it is BGG product. Totally superb.

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