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When : Sunday June 2nd 2024

Doors : 7pm  Showtime 8pm

Where : THE CLUB @ 142 

Ticket : £16 booked  £18 door

 book here : (direct to club)

 book here : (agent +bkg fee)

Krissy Matthews' career trajectory can be seriously compared to that of Jim Kirkpatrick's. Both were prodigy guitar players at a very early age and both are driven individuals willing and keen to put in the hard yards. Both have developed steadily since then and both have established themselves as top-shelf sidemen in internationally renowned bands and have enhanced the reputations of said bands whilst developing their skills not only as world class guitarists but pretty damn fine songwriters also. Both have also been establishing themselves with their own bands and a huge catalogue of recordings which have garnered extraordinary critical acclaim from practically the same areas of the music industry Both are lauded by both the blues and rock press.
What sets them apart is Jim has more than a ten-year head start and is based in the UK whilst Krissy being English/Norwegian has developed his career more in tandem in UK/Europe. What brings them together for me personally, is I saw them both as teenagers and they both blew me away.
Some of you with long memories may remember Krissy from those early days when he debuted for Bluefunk. It's about time we got to see where his journey has taken him. 

In the UK, Krissy will bring his fantastic new trio featuring Polish dynamite Slawek Semeniuk on Bass and the Belgian thunder Gerry Reynders on drums to entertain the British crowds every night.

Each show will be one hell of a concert and a masterclass in musicianship.

A Ruf records artist, he very timely has a new album out which is all based on his experiences during lockdown. A clever piece of work.
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