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When : Saturday 18 May 2024

Doors : 8pm  Showtime : 9pm


Sunday 19 May 2024

Doors : 7pm Showtime : 8pm



Ticket : Saturday £20 booked 

Sunday £20 booked

Saturday + Sunday £35 booked

£23 each/either day on door 

 book here : (direct to club)

 book here : (agent +bkg fee)

Cast your minds back to the halcyon pre-Covid days of 2019, forever known as the 'Good old days'. The club was running high and Billy Walton was booked again and as they had already developed the habit of selling out every show, I was cocky enough to suggest they might like to do two nights back to back, thinking they would brush it off as un-feasible. They jumped all over it. Oops.

Suddenly I was in unknown territory and biting my lip.
In the event, the idea really sparked the collective Bluefunkster imagination and the tickets flew out.
BWB produced four sets over two unforgettable nights without repeating a single tune. Quite remarkable.
Each set was themed (loosely) and the range of music left us breathless and to this day each time they revisit us there are Bluefunksters who request repeats of certain songs they heard from those epic sets.  The only bad feedback was from those that had decided one show was enough and were furious with me for selling them the wrong one (the choice was/is entirely theirs). The problem was that they chose at all! Hahahahah. Basically they were pissed off with themselves. C'est la vie.
Both nights sold out, and the real winners  were those that moved in for the weekend. 
The beauty of this format was that all the music was chosen because it meant something to Billy and his band, and the 'surprise' element for me and many others was an important part of what made each show so special.

Yes we are doing it again

As yet the content of the sets is undecided and remains in the gift of the band. My contribution will be to facilitate what the band asks me to, so please don't pester me to disclose what I don't know. I simply don't have the time or the inclination.  For me its enough to know its Billy Walton.

See the videos shown at the bottom of the page. The first one, a band original, features the fabulous Destinee Monroe who will no doubt feature heavily in this double dose performance. The other is classic cover which we were first introduced to at BWB's first 'two dayer'. It kind of blew our face off and is to date the most requested repeat at each subsequent visit of BWB to Bluefunk.
Billy, in my opinion has always been super high in the pecking order of touring US guitar players but it appears he has only been treading water. He has now cut loose and announced to his peers that he is now the one to measure yourself against.  

His band is similarly off the scale and he has very cleverly recruited a spectacular female vocalist. She presents as a superb foil for Billy and Williams' vocals. On Destinee's first visit with Billy, she was a passenger. Brand new to the band and basically just feeling her way in, nonetheless she still impressed. I suspected we had just seen the tip of a volcano.
On her return the magma hit the ceiling. She was simply sensational. A young woman who ticks all the boxes, and I just know she will get even better.

BWB, true sons of the fertile rock and roll soil of of the Jersey Shore were already a fabulous soul band, rock band, blues band and are now one of the very best jam bands around, which is directly as a result of the levels of skill as musicians they all have in copious quantity. 

It is a ridiculous understatement to admit that Bluefunk can't have too much of the BWB. and I am going to stick my neck out (not) and say these shows will sell out, fast, for the THIRTEENTH AND FOURTEENTH TIME on the bounce.

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