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  with special guests

George Borowski and Mora

when: 14th July 2019
where: Poynton Legion
doors : 7pm showtime 7:45pm
curfew :10:30pm
ticket : £15 booked £17door   
book here : (direct to club)
               SOLD OUT
       Waiting list operating.
Book as normal to have your ticket request placed on a time ordered list for cancellations.
What needs to be said about this band? If just a quick glance above coupled with their name doesn't instantly prick your curiosity then you are probably safer at home watching something nightmarishly dull on the telly. For those whose curiosity is running wild right now think back to the Little Big Weekend. Remember the delicious weirdness of the 'Captain'? Start there as a baseline and these guys are eccentric! 
 New York City based band The Slambovian Circus of Dreams are touring the 
UK in the first 2 weeks of July this year.
Starting off in the 90’s as the almost heavy metal 'Ancestors' the band have
taken all that is good in contemporary music, taken it to a secret place and using what can only be explained as alchemy, rebuilt it all into something impossibly different. It contains everything you've ever known but used in ways that are unfamiliar but somehow what you were expecting, what you always wanted. 
The Slambovian Circus of Dreams have such an eclectic live stage presence that once seen, always hooked. Rubbing shoulders regularly with some of the icons of American music this band has got some serious endorsees.
Garth Hudson of 'The Band' is a committed Slambovian disciple and fan describing frontman Joziah Longo as “An awesome songwriter”. Writers have quoted lyrical similarities to both Dylan and John Prine. A close listen to their many albums and well attended live shows would bear out that comparison.
*WARNING* - the huge global fanbase of this extraordinary band will almost ensure a sell out. Early attention recommended.
Below is a link. Do not click it casually. This may ostensibly appear to be a route to some music.
Beware, it is actually a portal, a wyrm hole, the gateway to a parallel universe that is  Slambovia. A world of extraordinary compositions impossible to categorise or label.
Easy to get into, a click does it, But it could be quite sometime before you can summon enough willpower to get you back out. It has to be done - but pick your moment wisely. 
HELP! Is there anybody there - get me out (no don't.... just send in some food. I'm not done yet).          

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