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SEAN WEBSTER BAND with special guest guitarist

sean webster les paul_edited.jpg
when : Saturday March 16th 2024
doors : 8pm    showtime : 9pm
where : The Centre in Poynton
ticket : £16 booked £18 door

book here : (direct to club)
book here :  (ticket agent +fees)
Fortunately we haven't lost Sean to the Netherlands entirely although it must be said his move there is looking like a stroke of genius on his part. The Dutch Blues scene which has to be described as thriving, has taken him deep into its soul and is turning him into a superstar with regular television appearances which has given him a launch pad for touring throughout Europe and beyond.
Happily he has not forgotten us. An opportunity to see him live is inevitably rarer and thus an opportunity not to be missed.
 He is even bringing a piece of the Netherlands with him this time in the persona of the genuine Dutch blues superstar Erwin Java. He has formed a firm friendship and fruitful professional relationship with this incredible guitarist and they play together regularly resuIting in a guitar symbiosis rarely seen.
I suspect you are going to love this collaboration, and the ensuing album it has apparently spawned.

instantly recognisable voice coupled with his heartfelt melodic guitar playing has become the feature on all his album releases. Both Webster’s blues-inflected guitar licks and his weathered, soul-infused vocals are always passionately sung across tightly arranged songs.
Music News had this to say about Webster’s talents. - “I haven’t heard anyone with a voice like Sean Webster’s a wonder that he isn’t being hailed as a Blues superstar”

With the shoe on the other foot here is some great footage of Sean guesting with Erwin's band in Holland. 
More please.

Did I mention a possible album?
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