when : Friday 5th July
doors :7:30 showtime 8:30
where: Phoenix Folk, Poynton Legion
ticket £12
Book here
We step sideways this month into a parallel universe with this gig taking you there and the following one possibly locking you in. Here we have the entirely unique Captain of the lost waves. Many of you will remember seeing him when I brought him into our universe for the Little Big Weekend last year. If you saw him you will inevitably be interested in this. Such is his magnetism and entertainment skills, that at the end of the weekend it was his name that was on everybody's lips. 
The regulars from our sister Folk Club, Phoenix, have sensibly retained him to play the Legion again. It would have rude of me not tell you about it. The problem may turn out to be oversubscription as the have a good turnout on a regular basis but this one may push it way out. I have therefore set up this page for you to book in advance. The folk club do not habitually take bookings having no system for doing so. Therefore book through me and I will make sure they are expecting you and your booking is honoured.
(Then turn up early {:o) 
Just read how this maestro can affect.

 The jewels to be found in all this organised mayhem, are the beautiful songs and evident musicianship that grace the stage of The Captain’s world.
The last number, inspired by The Mr Men books, was an absolute triumph and made my throat hurt, with its beautiful sentiment and melody.
Captain of the Lost Waves!
This man is passionate!
No question!
He believes!
And now, so do I!
His show is fun, funny, captivating, engaging, fascinating, fanciful, beautiful, 

But most of all, it is liberating!
Go and see Captain of the Lost Waves….
His show is surely the antidote to feeling blue!
Bloody brilliant!
Just bloody brilliant!

Alan Rutherford, Madhouse Brewery Arts Centre

This is what the Captain looks like in real life 

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