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Brave Rival.jpg
when :Sunday March 31st 2024 doors :7pm  showtime :8pm venue :Club @ 142 
ticket :£17 booked  £19
book here : (direct to club) 
book here : (agent+bkg fee)
In the past year or so we have been privileged to have had two visits from the great Dom Martin. On both occasions he brought a support band with him as a bonus. His taste, each time, was immaculate and both bands were brilliantly received by you lot and I was inundated with requests to bring back both acts to Bluefunk in their own right.
Here is the first of them.
Brave Rival are simply superb and they are poised to become regular returnees for every promoter above the level of halfwit. I just scrape in above that line of arbitration and so here they are.

They have also landed the support slot to open on the impending FM tour. I'd better warn Jim.
Will you stand out from the crowd and be the one who chooses not see this fine outfit at Bluefunk. You will regret missing these for a long time.  
I will call this event the first of a series known as "PUNTER'S CHOICE" {:-)
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