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When : Thurs Dec 7th  2023

Doors : 8pm  Showtime 9pm

Where : Club @ 142 

Ticket : £18 booked  £21 door

 book here : (direct to club)

 book here : (agent +bkg fee)


Rory’s music reached a massive audience from Norway to Spain, from Japan to the USA, Covering all parts of the globe and producing some of the greatest rock/blues albums of the 60’s 70's and the 80's.

Sadly we lost Rory on 14th June 1995, to his devoted fans and followers this was the ultimate tragedy.

The BAND OF FRIENDS is not a tribute to Rory,
more a celebration of his life and music.


With the double-barrelled attack from Paul Rose and Jim Kirkpatrick, martialled by Mr Gallagher's right hand man for 25 years Gerry McAvoy, this was always going to be a dangerous band. Gerry is feted for hiring the very best guitar players around and how could you not, having earned your stripes alongside the doyen himself, Rory Gallagher. 


With there being a huge number of hardcore Rory followers amongst the Bluefunk core supporters, the first visit from this Band was never going to be a tough sell. Coinciding with our return to the Club 142 (formerly the Workies) in Poynton, they really mobilised - and packed  the place.

The ensuing show was a ripper. Utterly exciting from the opening salvo and a fitting homage to RG. 
I suspect this one will sell out quicker (I know about these things {;-)>

Having a large draught from the oeuvre of the late great Rory G every now and again is by no means unusual. Tis in fact a bit of a tradition for Bluefunk and when Jim Kirkpatrick is rudely thrown into the mix it begins to look a bit compulsory.

Calm down and form an orderly queue..

Go on then, get a shift on. 

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