George Borowski 


George and Mora

HRH Mr George Borowski. Performing throughout the weekend with his daughter Mora and also with his band the Fabulous Wonderfuls. Hell of a shirt that.
George and Mora Friday 7th Sept. Theatre
George and the Fabulous Wonderfuls Saturday 8th Sept. Theatre
                                          About George. 
If you can stay on your feet whilst making a racket on a musical instrument for more than a couple of years someone somewhere will erroneously refer to you as a legend. 
This is unfortunate because there are some out there who surpass the criteria required to become legendary and are therefore made less by the overuse of the word.
George is one such.
What are those criteria? A 50 year career? - 
A portfolio of 300 incredible songs? - 
A fan club containing several other international legends across all genres, contemporary to yourself? - 
To be an acknowledged master of your instrument without ever having played a showy lead break and have another legend casually mention the fact in a song? - 
To play a Bender Crapocaster so old and so rare it must be worth more than £25 (twice the value of his amp), yet if he showed up with anything else his fans would be beside themselves with grief?- 
Finally to have a social conscience and a disposition that makes everyone love you. - 
This is George Borowski. A champion of the underdog, a hero to a friend in need, a songwriter without peer. A National Treasure,
A legend.
In his set tonight he duets with his daughter the lovely Vienna, hiding behind her nom de plume "Mora". Don't let on but we can all tell that its Vienna. There couldn't possibly be two with a set of pipes as powerful as her dad's.
Below we see George doing an impression of Spike Milligan wearing a mop whilst doing an impression of George; and Mora being chilled and putting up with it; whilst at the renowned narrowboat acoustic sessions.
George and Mora - Landing Lights @the narrow boat sessions.

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